The initial brief was to design a standard house type and a standard block of low rise flats (three storeys with a car parking under)  to be used on a variety of sites. The house could either stand alone as a single unit or interlock to form a staggered terrace with an ‘L’ shape to the rear forming a private patio area. The client asked that external finishes minimise future maintenance (paint was excluded) and so a small palette of readily available materials was used to define the structure (typically a reinforced concrete frame) and form of the building; brick slip tiles, mosaic and ‘Tyrolean’ cement render.

Located a few degrees North of the equator the climate of Lagos varies little over the year with typical daytime temperature of 90 degrees f and 90% relative humidity. So openings were heavily shaded and site layouts were designed to avoid low angle solar gain from east and west, and for through ventilation from the prevailing South Westerly breeze. Although the houses were planned with air-conditioning this allows occupants the option to live in the climate especially during the frequent powercuts.


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