Tony Godwin founded FCD Architecture in North London in 2004. The practice is now based in the Rutland village of Whitwell and works, in the main, within a 30 miles radius of the office.

The first letters of the practice name are taken from the three essentials of architecture established by Sir Henry Wotton in his 1624 treatise on the architecture of the English country house – F irmness, C ommodity and D elight.

We approach our commissions from the practical building standpoint taken by Wotton aiming for successful integration of technical and user requirements with the aesthetic. The latter he referred to as D elight and established rules and principles for design and ornament drawn from the architects of the Italian renaissance.

Whilst scale, proportion and balance are timeless qualities we allow the ‘ornament’ or external treatment of the building to grow from its location responding to the site, its history and surroundings, always with an eye to durability of detailing and materials.

Wotton, though ahead of his time in considering the relationship between different functions and the aspect of rooms, could not have imagined the effect human activity would have on the planet by the 21st century. So our ‘F irmness’ expands to include current concepts of sustainable development, particularly energy conservation. Consideration of orientation and the amount and disposition of glazing has a significant impact on the latter.

The office is based in Tony Godwin’s home, recently completed to the Passivhaus energy standard, and our experience allows us to design holistically for energy conservation in new and existing buildings.